Lock 15 - Lower Healy Falls

2211 - 11th Line W, K0L 1L0, 705-653-2560

Parks Canada

This lock is 58.2 km up the Trent-Severn Waterway System and can be found on chart 2021. The lift is 6.6 m high. Lock 15 is located approximately 11 kilometres (7 miles) upstream from the Town of Campbellford. Trees and vegetation surround this lock. From here, it is an easy walk to Healey Falls by way of the Healey Falls flight lock that is within sight. It is a beautiful quiet area with lots of mooring walls for overnight stays. Healey Falls is a wide falls on the Trent River, about 10km north of Campbellford. The Trent River pours over a number of ledges with a total drop of 10 metres or more. The width of the falls is around 25m, although this will vary with water flow. A large dam sits at the crest of the falls.


GPS Coordinates: 44.368989480, -77.774141900