Lock 9 - Meyers

706 Haigs Reach Rd, K0L 1L0, 705-653-1680

Parks Canada

This lock is 42.5 km up the Trent-Severn Waterway System and can be found on chart 2021. The lift is 4.9 m. A quiet, secluded lock station surrounded by farmland and trees, it is one of the prettiest stations on the Waterway. One of the restored lockmaster houses, which now serves as the lock station office and houses public washrooms, is located here. The Centennial Trial connects the Meyers Lock with Percy Reach. The lower level mooring in particular is sheltered from the wind. This is one of the original locks constructed in 1914. The washrooms are large and the entire area picturesque. Lock #9 has lots of grass and space making Meyers a pleasant overnight stop. The BBQ's and picnic tables are located to the downstream side of Meyers Lock.


GPS Coordinates: 44.247102630, -77.800191850