Coboconk Freshwater Summit

13 S Water Street, K0M 1K0, 705-454-1110

In the serene waters of Balsam Lake, in the heart of the Trent-Severn Waterway, by seaworthy vessel. Whether you travel west toward Lake Simcoe or east into Cameron Lake, both ways are downstream from Balsam Lake. While there are two higher global navigable rivers, Balsam Lake is the only spot that gives the skipper the choice to go east to the Atlantic Ocean, west to the Pacific Ocean, south to the Caribbean Sea or north to the Arctic Ocean. What makes this most unique is the fact that from this point, one can circumnavigate the world, by seaworthy vessel, without ever having to travel on land.

GPS Coordinates: 44.657520000, -78.797188000