Victoria Park & Armoury

210 Kent Street West, K9V 1A3,

The Victoria Park and Armoury situated in the heart of Lindsay's historic downtown provides a venue for relaxation, picnics, celebrations, concerts, and community events. The Armory was built in 1913, its cornerstone being laid by one of our most famous residents, Sir Sam Hughes. The building was encouraged by Sir Sam Hughes, who became the Minister of Militia in 1911, and one of his priorities was to build substantial armories all across Canada. The Minister believed that the buildings should serve as a place for military training and also provide a place to host community events. He believed armories should contain a supply of blankets, cooking utensils, tools and other apparatus that would be used to turn the buildings into relief centers in case of fires, floods or other emergencies.

GPS Coordinates: 44.354092000, -78.741197000