Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery

2 Mill St., K0K 3K0, 705-924-9173

Northumberland County

Monica and Paulus have a relationship defined by fire, flame, and light. They have a passionate creative life sharing in the tactile delights of pottery and glass. Recently, Paulus and Monica have been looking at earthy inspirations. Monica has embraced wood firing in her pottery. It's an earthy and physical engaging process. All the wood is cut, stacked, and hand fed into the fires. The fire and flame from wood firing brings out variations, depth, and subtlety from the clay and glaze, that gas or electric firing could not reveal. Paulus is a glass blower. His oriental heritage inspires him to look for balance, but as a member of the sandwiched Generation X, it's dynamic, more like juggling. Fire and flames in the process of glass making intermingle with thoughts of fancy and fantasy. Vivid colours, cartoon humour and elegant forms are the result. With fire comes light! Paulus will be showing sculptural works for lights and illumination. Inspired by the glow of the wood fire, Paulus looks to capture the warmth and calm a beautiful light can bring.

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