Alderville Black Oak Savanna

8467 County Rd. 18, K0K 2X0, 905-352-1008

Welcome to Canada’s easternmost prairie and one of the most endangered plant communities in Ontario. Here you will see rare plants and grasses —as well as the rare, threatened or endangered birds, insects and mammals that feed on them. When the Ojibway arrived at Rice Lake circa 1700, they found Haudenosaunee— Iroquoian peoples settled in agricultural villages. The Ojibway saw them burning areas to clear land for crops, and called the area Pemedashkotayang, Lake of the Burning Plains. The importance of this tallgrass prairie and oak savanna was formally acknowledged in 2000 when chief and council designated the property as a natural heritage site and continues on-going, committed stewardship.

GPS Coordinates: 44.175864000, -78.087044000