Sprucewood Cookies

628 Ontario Street, K9A 3C4, 800-632-1300


Sprucewood Brands is a young, proudly Canadian company that evolved from a highly popular 25-year old catering firm; Sprucewood event planning and catering. They are located in the hamlet of Warkworth, and consist of a young, creative and committed team of foodies who manufacture high quality, small batch, handmade savory shortbread cookies and pure dessert shortbread cookies. It has been said that wandering into the country kitchen of the Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. is an aromatic tease – cheddar, rosemary and Thai bouquets mingle with the dark chocolate, apricot and maple scents of their dessert shortbread line. Sprucewood Brands was featured in the LCBO’s Food & Drink’s premiere entertaining issue, and holds a distinct honour as one of 10 Canadian products showcased in the Ontario pavilion at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. This is no ordinary cookie!


GPS Coordinates: 43.966859800, -78.177876200