Century Game Park

460 Concession 2, K0K 3K0, 705-924-3019

All Tours must be scheduled. Let your imagination roam and experience what nomadic tribes witnessed long before the first Europeans set foot in the new land. Enjoy grazing Bison and Elk herds in prehistoric Drumlin hills and valleys worn down by retreating glaciers from the last Ice Age. Experience the presence of these ancient wild animals from one of the highest points in Northumberland County, along with some of the most beautiful scenery in Canada. Feel the "spirit" often referenced in folklore. All tours must be scheduled and booked in advance, call for more details. Century Game Park also sells some of the finest bison meat and bison products around. Check out a local store near you to find some quality bison meat!


GPS Coordinates: 44.179713000, -77.928401000