Peterborough & the Kawarthas Cycling Routes

131 King St, K9J 0A5,

Peterborough & the Kawarthas has long been a favourite destination for cyclists of all types…especially road cyclists. The combination of rolling drumlin hills, scenic lake vistas and winding rural roads make for challenging and diverse riding opportunities. They can be used for training just as easily as they can be used for a casual ride with friends and family. The rural cafes along the way serve as tantalizing motivation to push riders through the tough segments, and there are some great local craft breweries to reward you at the end of a satisfying day. And the best part? (if we didn’t have you convinced at cafes and craft beer) You get off the beaten path. Riders pass through quaint villages and small towns brimming with authentic experiences all across the county- roadside stands, family-owned resorts and bed and breakfasts, buzzing cafes and restaurants serving up the fruits of our centuries-old farmlands and interesting attractions dot the rural routes that make this place so unique. The Peterborough & the Kawarthas Classics are a collection of three tried and true road cycling routes that have received the official stamp of approval from local avids. Each signed route is comprised of a long and short loop ranging from 45 to 100 kms, starting and ending in the City of Peterborough at the picturesque cycling hot spot, Millennium Park overlooking Little Lake. Share your stories with #cycleptbo Visit the website for detailed cycling routes!


GPS Coordinates: 44.308569674, -78.319213323