Old Pump House - Riverview Park and Zoo

1230 Water Street, ,

Courtesy of the Heritage Preservation Office, City of Peterborough

In the late 19th century, rapid growth in Peterborough’s population created a need for a waterworks system. The result was an architectural gem with hipped gable roof, decorative clay bricking, and mullioned windows. Its architectural style resembles many of the ideas that sprang from the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. In 1935, Peterborough was presented with a gift of two alligators, which were stored in the old pump house. By the late 1930's, some waterfowl were also kept there. The first monkey was placed in the pump house in 1946 and despite being used for other purposes since, this building is still known as the “Monkey House”.


GPS Coordinates: 44.338895000, -78.312489000